0DAY 2002:

We can be very quick with this one, below an example (The "CuNT" release is a real dupe)
2002-10-20 Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.0.cracked-DiCK
2002-10-30 Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.0.incl.keygen-CuNT

But a Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.0.keygen.only-CuNT is allowed!

Nuke reason: dupe.<yyyy-mm-dd>.<group>

In general we handle a MinorUpdate period of 14 days! If you release a new version of
a program with in 14 days of the last program release , but 14 days from the last
release out no matter if its nuked for MU or not.

2002-10-10 Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.0.cracked-DiCK
2002-10-15 Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.1.incl.keymaker-CUNT <- (nuked for MU)

Next version is allowed on 2002-10-29 AND NOT on 2002-10-24, coz we count 14 days from
the last release, no matter if its nuked for MU or not.

Additionally to bring some more clearness:

2002-10-10 Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.0.cracked-DiCK
2002-10-14 Jack.The.MP3.Ripper.v1.0.keymaker.only-CUNT

So v1.0 cracked gets released on 10th of oct. and the keymaker.only on 14th then the
next release is allowed on 2002-10-24, no matter what time the keymaker.only was released.
coz we always count 14 days of the release that included the setup-file of the software itself.

The following groups have agreed to comply to these rules (ask handymen to add ur group here):

Nuke reason: mu.<yyyy-mm-dd>.<group>

Release Name creation:
<PROGRAM NAME>.vX.XX.<opt. options>-<GROUP NAME>
<PROGRAM NAME>_vX.XX_<opt. options>-<GROUP NAME>


Nuke reason: bad.dir

File naming:
Files should be named as stated in the 8.3 notation. And disk size should be between
720 KB and 5 megs. It also has to include a .diz and .nfo file
Example: lxtd2d2.zip

Nuke reason: bad.pack

Maximum size of 0day release should be 300 MB

Nuke reason: oversized

Keygen rules:
A keygen is a standalone program which calculates serials based on pc name/company/user name etc etc.
When a serial algo uses fixed chars on certain positions and your "keygen" fills the other
positions with random data it's NOT a keygen. When a keygen is not sufficient and a crack
is required, the dir name should include this "incl.keygen.and.patch"

Nuke reason: not.a.valid.keygen

Using a keygen/serial/crack with out permissions of the owners (other groups for example)
is not legit. A group which is cought 2 times with stealing will be banned here aka being
auto nuked (ofcourse if there is good evidence)

Nuke reason: stolen

Fucked up releases can be re-released by doing a repack. Dir should contain ".repack.".
The previous (bad) release will be nuked

Nuke reason: get.repack

Trade/pre faults:
Trade faults ("detecting macro monkeys" dirs for example), pre tests or fake things will
not be counted as a legit release.

Nuke reason: crap

Free software:
Software which is freely available is not allowed. "Free" on d2d means that it costs
around $0.00. "Cardware" or "free-registration" is. There are 2 exceptions there is,
if a upgrade/update is not publicly available. And free updates/upgrades which will
render the crack/serial/keygen of the previous version unusable (ie. they blacklisted stuff)

Nuke reason: free

Newer out:
When a group releases a v1.02 of a program and the new version v1.03 is already out for
more then 3 days, it's a nuke. The grace period is 3 days. Only exception COULD be an
util group having a hard to get program (thus means not publicly downloadable) and they
release it when there's just a new version out, if this happens (unlikely:D) tell so in info file

Nuke.reason: newer.out.v<x.xx>

Crack malfunction:
If a crack/serial/keygen is not working 100% it's a nuke! This could mean a keygen witho
ut a server patch, a keygen which doesn't accept certain basic chars "A-Z,a-z,0-9" and
ofcourse spaces (only when the program accepts these chars!) or a crack with missed checks
having removed.

Nuke reason: bad.crack

Group request:
If a group really thinks they fucked up a release badly then they can do a group request.
 The release will be nuked then.

Nuke reason: grp.req

Beta software:
Betas / builds / rc are allowed only it's not an hidden beta/build/rc, means the word
"Beta", "build" & "RC" has to be in directory name.

Nuke reason: hidden.beta

Types Allowed:
- ALL languages (Dutch, German, Chinese, Italian, Polish, etc etc)
- ALL platforms (PC, MAC, Linux, Solaris, OS/400, Windows, etc etc)
- Bookware
- HW required software (GSM & Telephone programs)
- Kiddie (some people have kids here, hi fanny:) )
- Addons (all types of addons for utils/games)
- Commerical fonts
- Screensaver
- Porn
- Different kind of flavors (Standard, prof, premium are ALL allowed)


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