Music DVDR Rules - Draft 1.0 rev.c 

. Release size must be at 4.3-4.37 Gb unless source is DVD5.
. PAL after NTSC and NTSC after PAL is allowed.
. DVD9 after DVD5 and DVD5 after DVD9 is allowed.
If DVD5 is pred by another group AFTER the DVD9 then
is suggested to include proofs of the source (scans or
. Boxset = More than one disc. ALL discs in one release. ┬Ěseparated by subdirectories
Separated disc release forbidden

. Re-encoding:
. CCE version 2.50+ MUST be used in all circumstances
where transcoding (re-encoding) of the video stream
is required. REmpeg and TMPGenc are NOT allowed.
New unknown or unreleased encoders are not strictly
forbidden, however use at your own risk.
. Automated Programs that perform DVD9>DVD5 rips are
FORBIDDEN, e.g. InstanCopy, DVDXCopy, DVDShrink etc.
. Minimum average bitrate allowed is 3000 kbit/s
If minimum average bitrate cannot be achieved,
a valid explanation is required in the NFO.
. If a release is reauthored then video MUST be
deinterlaced if needed.
. Quality Settings:
. CCE:
. No CBR. Multipass is to be enforced.
. The initial 1st pass that encodes the .vaf file
in CCE is NOT considered within the multipass set.
. The number of passes required for main movie is to
be determined by the final avg bitrate. Under
4,000k/s 6+ passes required, over 4,000k/s
5 passes are required.
. VTS Sectors must always be gotten.
. Extras:
. Extras are an added value but are not needed. Extras are
allowed to be transcoded/stripped/left-untouched
@ ripper's discretion.
. A minimum of 5 passes for extras is required if transcoded
. Menus:
. Menus MUST be included. In extreme cases where the retail does
not contain a menu, it must be mentioned in the NFO.
. Removing useless links within the menu is required. If you
remove something, disable or remove the button.
. If all else is stripped and still can't get a 3000k/s avg
bitrate, then the menu may be reencoded at a minimum of
3000k/s avg.
. Splitting:
. In extreme cases where even if minum bitrate is reached but
video quality remains low (like live concerts with lots of
flash and moving) the decision to split release in more discs
is left @ ripper's discrection. (DON'T ABUSE)
Splitting releases aint cause for PROPER without tech failure

. Audio Priority is: DD 5.1 > LPCM 2.0 > DTS
. First thing to strip off is DTS, then, if more space is needed
to reach the minimum bitrate, LPCM must be stripped.
. In extreme cases, where source has ONLY LPCM audio stream
(most PROMOs), and video avg bitrate is too low for being re-encoded,
ripper can re-encode audio to fit into DVD5. AC3 MUST be used.

DVD Limitations:
. Macro vision MUST be removed.
. All user limitations and restrictions MUST be removed.
. Releases MUST be made region free.
. Any new unmentioned copy protection that comes out MUST be stripped.

. All releases MUST either use .IMG or .ISO. Other formats
are NOT allowed.
. Releases must be broken up into rars of 50,000,000 bytes.
. Recovery Record MUST be used.
. Compression method must be store.
. SFVs and NFOs MUST be included.
. NFO MUST include the following:
. Artist name.
. Title.
. Region, NTSC or PAL.
. Number of Passes and Bitrate used when re-encoding
main movie.
. Number of Passes and Bitrate used when re-encoding
. Audio streams, and subtitles included.
. What has been stripped, extras, menu, etc.
. Number of archive files.
. Url to a website with retail infos.
. Tracklist.
For multi-discs releases technical infos like audio streams,
video bitrate, extras, etc., from ALL DISCS MUST be present.
For live shows is really appreceated the show's year at least
in rel notes.

. Samples are required. Minimum size shall be 30mb, but must be
no more than 50mb.
. Samples must be put in a separate sub directory, labeled
. Samples MUST be from actual packed vob. Separate encodes are
not allowed.
. Multi-discs / Boxsets:
. 1 sample per disc no matter how many discs the release is.
. That goes for splitted discs also.

. Bonuses:
. A release MUST be pred as BONUS when the dvd disc isn't sold
alone (for example cd+dvd).
. Bootlegs:
. A bootleg recording is a dvd that was not officially released
by the person/company owning the rights to do that
(for example streetmixes, pirate live dvds, etc).
. Customs:
. A custom is an homemade dvd made from not-dvd sources
(DVB VHS and so on) in that case source MUST be specified.

Directory Naming:
. ALL releases are to include production year.
. Directory name MUST include REGION (NTSC or PAL).
. Acceptable characters are as follows:
0123456789 . -_
. Non-Complete DVD-9 releases are to be named as:
. OTHERS are:
(COMPLETE tag isn't mandatory)
. SOURCES are to be used if different from DVD so:
those sources MUST be specified either in tag and nfo.
. Sub directories are to be labeled as DISC1, DISC2, etc.
. EXTRA and CD1, CD2 dirs are NOT allowed.

. Propers will ONLY be released if previous had technical flaws
such as menu errors, bad quality, etc.
. Just because a previous release was not COMPLETE does not
provide a legitimate reason to PROPER/DUPE.
. Propers based on previous releases having improper dir names
will not be tolerated.
. PPF patches should be used for fixing releases with simple
problems such as RCE/Region coding, VTS sectors, P-Ups and
so forth. REPACKS/PROPERS should be avoided if a PPF patch is

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Rules starts on April 1st 2007 00:00:00 CET


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